Our Tours

We’ve teamed with historical consultants to unravel the best kept tales of Launceston. Extensive research combines with a good dose of passion – we’re locally owned and want to share the lesser known of our historic city. If you didn’t know about the swim club known as the ‘tadpoles’ that leapt off the Kings Bridge for town entertainment back in 1915, we’ll tell you all about. We’ll then walk you through the modern days and how the city has evolved.

Stories from our guides won’t just be delivered in words. We have some special interpretation that’ll transport you to an era long gone. Choose between our two regular tours below or enquire about our limited ‘special events’ tours. Remember, we keep numbers to an intimate 10 but we’ll also leave with one and can customise a special itinerary upon request.

The City and Seaport Tour:

Been to Launceston? Ever spent most of your time looking up? This fascinating city – one of Australia’s oldest – holds most of its story well above street level. It’s one of the country’s best-preserved cities with 20th century architecture, remnants of colonial culture and whispers of a seafaring past.

We’ll take you from our Stillwater Restaurant home base along the seaport before heading into the city’s heart. Across 3.5 hours (including lunch), you’ll discover how this Tassie city has played a pivotal role in shaping Australia. Through curated visual aids and your trusty guide, experience the town in a way innovative to us.

What better way to top off your city and seaport discovery than with a delish two course dining experience (included in our ticket price) at Stillwater Restaurant? The premier venue sits waterside, an ideal locale to chat over the city’s newfound historic tales in a venue pushing the boundaries of Australia’s culinary future.

*There is no minimum number. If it’s just yourself, no worries. Gather your friends to a maximum of ten per tour or contact us for a customised experience.

The Gorge Tour

The Cataract Gorge is Launceston’s urban playground. The locals love it. Visitors flock to it. Peacocks have chosen it as a permanent home. But have you ever walked it, paused and understood its impact across the generations? On our Gorge Tour we delve into the past. We don’t just walk across Kings Bridge but describe how it was made on the other side of the world in 1862 and the day it was meticulously moved into place. With our special interp aids, we’ll take you there.

The Gorge is one of Tasmania’s most visited tourist attractions. It just happens to be right on the doorstep of our Stillwater home base. After our briefing, we’ll step right into this natural wonder only minutes from the CBD. Find out about the Gorge’s past and changing landscape. Ask about manmade remnants still protruding from a gorge carved some 30 million years before during the Jurassic Period.

Across 3.5 hours (including lunch), find out how the Gorge was the original lifeblood of Launceston for much of the city’s early life and how today, it holds the very same importance. Learn about the most-loved picnic rocks through the years and how thousands would flock for swimming races.

We’ll then wander back to Stillwater Restaurant, Launceston’s premier dining venue, for a sumptuous two course lunch with your fellow guests (included with the ticket price). This is the way to experience our town.

*There is no minimum number. If it’s just yourself, no worries. Gather your friends to a maximum of ten per tour or contact us for a customised experience.